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SHANGHAI SANSONG MACHINE ELETRICITY TOOL CO., LTD. ZEGUO FILIALE is a subsidiary specializing in the production of machining equipment manufacturers professional.The establishment of the company, they established the machinery industry to improve the technological level and efficiency as the goal, the company has always advocated people centered, scientific and technological innovation of enterprise development concept.

The company covers an area of 20,000 square meters and currently employs 120 people,engineers and technicians accounted for 30% of all professional staff and related personnel were younger, professional and corporate knowledge workers, professionals, such as the age structure can be Well bring up a modern market mechanism, has been a prerequisite for rapid development.

Companies have developed into a horizontal milling machine, desktop drill, drill attack dualuse desktop machines, cutting machines, small grinder, electrical, Table Vice/Plain Vice, CNC machine, power tools, such as the G-9 series of more than 120 integrated products manufacturers.With a sound management system, strong production technology, advanced production equipment, improve the quality of the detection system to protect the company's products with the quantity and quality of the country.

In the face of rapidly changing market, we will continue to take the first-class technology,first-class products, first-class service committed to the machine tool industry.